Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to fall in Love with Cats

Cat taking a selfie

There, I've bowed down to the internet and posted cat pictures. Are you happy, Internet gods?

More fabulous cats (with a bit of fashion sprinkled here and there) here

For some reason, I've been trying to fall in love with cats. Everyone loves cats, and I'm passive towards them. There must be something wrong with me. To fix that wrong, I'm on a journey to find my Inner Cat Goddess and love her.

I Googled "How do I fall in love with cats?" And, well, I didn't really get what I was looking for. So people don't actually try to fall in love with cats and it simply happens?

Maybe I should try another Google search, "How do I fall in love with humans?" and that led me to this WikiHow page. Now all I have to do is replace "person" with "cats"!

There are three parts to "How to fall in love":

  1. Finding the right person cat.
  2. Developing the relationship.
  3. Building a lasting connection.

I'll cover one part in each post.
So here goes:

Part 1: Finding the right person cat

      1.  Bolster your self esteem
            "To fall in love and find the right person you must first have confidence and love invested in yourself." 
Love yourself: check. This is going to be so easy.

      2.  Consider why you want to fall in love
             "There's no right answer for why you want to fall in love, but there are some reasons that aren't good and that indicate a deeper problem. A few reasons to fall in love that aren't good: you are feeling lonely or think you need your self-esteem bolstered by someone else (this will make you take any relationship you get, which will lead to problems later), all your friends are in relationships, you believe you need to have a relationship to be happy. These are all symptoms of deeper problems that won't be cured by entering into a relationship." 
I want to fall in love with cats on a whim. That's not wrong. Is it? I'm almost sure it isn't wrong.

      3.  Consider what you are looking for 
             "No, don't make a list of exact specifications detailing the hair color, job, schooling level, and personality of your potential significant other. You're not going to ever find an exact match, but you should acknowledge the basics of what you're looking for."

Now the sudden realization hits me that this falling in love with cats thing isn't as simple as replacing "person" with "cat". But I've invested so much time into this so I'm going to see this through.

I'm looking for a cat that won't bite or claw me. Also, I'd appreciate it if she didn't aim hairballs at me. That's all.

      4.  Meet people cats
            "Of course, to be able to find someone with whom to fall in love, you're going to need to go out and meet people. This doesn't mean you have to be a big party animal, or that you have to do things that you're not entirely comfortable with, but it's a good idea to at least try and get out of your comfort zone a little bit."
People who have cats! I can always hang out with them (cats and humans) at their homes

      5.  Open yourself to new possibilities
            "Doing things that you might not otherwise have done can help foster a sense of excitement for you, as well as take you outside your comfort zone to meet different kinds of people."
I can do some cat-sitting, it's way out of my comfort zone.

      6.  Give things time
             "Even if you've been going to parties and your friends have been introducing you to plenty of fun, attractive people, you should still expect the process to take some time. Be patient. It can take years to find the right person. Along the way, you may find people that you think are right for you, but turn out not to be. Use these opportunities as learning experiences. Eventually, you'll get a sense for the kind of person you're looking for."
Now I'm really beginning to see how my replace-person-with-cats-in-a-WikiHow-article- for-falling-in-love approach was so wrong. I hereby declare that Parts 2 and 3 are cancelled. I'm sorry, dear readers.

To make up for my fickle mindedness, here are some adorable cats!

I hate paparazzi!

What did you just say, deplorable human?

Hipster cat

It's Monday already?!

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