Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trying to Cut out the Clutter, but Cats!

Look, cat!

Yes, I have nothing to write and I just want to fill up empty space.
One would think that one would have plenty to write about, what with The Internet doing a good job of being The Internet. That reminds me. Behold, Paul Otlet who catalogs Stuff

Or is it all The Internet's fault? (I love calling it The Internet, sounds ominous, no?) Is my mind cluttered with the endless barrage of tweets and updates and posts and feeds? (I don't use Twitter or Facebook, but I like to say Tweet) Is my brain running out of space, with mindless Tumblr cats replacing important information like anniversaries and birthdays of loved ones (One anniversary and two birthdays forgotten this year, not counting the ones I clean forgot, of course ) and remembering to wear pants before I go out.

So, I shall cut down the clutter and remove all that senseless noise from my brain (I shall be retaining the no-nonsense lady who resides in my head, who tries to keep me from spewing nonsense. Because she's been doing a bad job so far and I like mocking her )

Well, maybe tomorrow. Because science! Lifehacker told me to look at cute animals to be more productive. Here's the study that says so.

I'm incorrigible.

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