Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lynn Yaeger: Candidate for Adventure Time Princess

via BoF
Lynn Yaeger. Writer for Vogue, wearer of multiple skirts and distinctive makeup. Oh, and not to forget the flaming closely cropped hair.

I first read about her in Business of Fashion.
Such an interesting personality! I tried to dig up more about her, after landing up on the disappointingly short Wikipedia page!

I dug deeper, and learnt that she has Prosopagnosia, also called face blindness. Read about Lynn's experience with it here.

I began to wonder if she adorns herself the way she does as a manifestation of her difficulty in recognizing faces. She's set markers for others to "help" them recognize her. This isn't an original thought, though. She's wondered about this herself.

I've been obsessed with Adventure Time, and couldn't help but wonder how amazing it would be to have a caricature of her on my beloved cartoon show! As a princess, no less!

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