Sunday, July 21, 2013


"Indians chase Caucasian donors for IVF" blares TOI's headline. I was intrigued. I may chase Caucasians for amorous purposes (though I must admit, I have eyes for my fellow Indians), but would I chase them for their sperm and ova? (Not ova, for obvious reasons. I would chase them for their sperm, if I had to choose between sperms and ova) Sorry, I'm a little too old fashioned for that. I don't even own a designer bag. Designer baby? No, thanks.

If a person isn't able to conceive by the conventional methods, they go for IVF/ fertility treatments. But now, we have future parents dictating whether the sperm/ovum should be fair (or dark), muscular, blue or brown eyed, blonde or brunette. Everyone is in the search for perfection. Perfect kids, perfect bodies. Perfect life? Perfection is such a screwed up thing. It's like walking towards a place at the end of an infinite road, you would never know when you get there if you get there. Sigh. I digress. Again.

The future scares me.As if it wasn't enough that I had to compete with natural beauties and brainiacs, then came surgically enhanced beauties and brainiacs. Now I have to compete with genetically superior beauties and brainiacs? This is deeply depressing. Could you wait a moment while I curl up into a fetal position and cry a little?


But if you flip the issue to the left, there's nothing wrong in choosing how your child will look like. In a way, it is similar to humans finding mates for themselves. You are attracted to, well, attractive people. How many times have you seen an intelligent and handsome guy and thought, "We could make such beautiful and intelligent babies together.(For me, it's usually "Is he rich? Is his grandpa rich?* ")" (Never say that aloud, though. Because that's just weird)

And in this day and age, looks are ridiculously important. Beauties have it much easier. Who doesn't like to be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things? (That's why I have mirrors all over my room *Smirks*) The unconventional looking ones can build character. (Oh, ways to build character, according to Calvin's dad. Here's an example:)

 Or go for surgery.

Oh, that reminds me of this exchange between George Bernard Shaw and Isadora Duncan:
I.D.: Would it not be wonderful if we could have a child who had your brains and my beauty?
G.B.: Yes, but supposing it had your brains and my beauty!

George Bernard Shaw
"No, thanks"
Isadora Duncan
"Are you sure, hmm?"

That would be unfortunate. Please don't risk it, GB and ID!
Variations of the quote here.

*That sounded so wrong. I'm not into grandpas, it's just that I'd like to know if the money is inherited or hard earned. Just curiosity. I wouldn't be attracted to a guy because his grandparents are rich. It doesn't matter who left him the money.

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