Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm over thinking this title, so I'll just write some random shit

Lizard closeup
When I smile, only cuter, and less scaly, and less green
She's grouchy and keeps to herself. Smiles occasionally. With reason, she's not deranged. Er, I mean I'm not deranged. And then I don't look like myself anymore. I look beautiful. Or at least cute. Or presentable. Er.
Have you met people who don't seem to smile at all, and suddenly, they throw a smile your way? Don't they look absolutely resplendent in all their smiling glory? Like a beam of iridescent light shining down from heaven.

 That's why I smile occasionally. Because of Resplendence and/ or Iridescence.

  Smiles, they come in different styles,
  Some short, some they stretch for miles.
  So bare your teeth and at someone grin,
  And smile at strangers, just on a whim.

  Sometimes, I'm cheerful too. Occasionally.

  I'll never misspell "occasionally" ever again.

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