Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Of Untamed Hair and Children's books

I have an unruly, curly mop of Malayali hair and I'm proud of it. Not exactly proud. I'm okay with it. Which is much better than hating it so much that you wish you weren't a Malayali in the first place. Straightening my hair is always an option, but I don't like the weird texture of artificially straightened poker straight hair. Accepting my crazy untamed hair was my zen moment. Erm, this isn't a post about having freaky Malayali hair and loving yourself crap (maybe a little bit of loving yourself crap)

So I'm uncool. Big deal. I love my uncoolness. Why try to be cool and mask your weirdness? Be yourself. Unless you're an asshole. Then be yourself minus the assholery.

People have different views of what's cool. But I think Calvin is a little gross

And you bore the world when you try to be cool

The Calvin and Hobbes search engine has made my life so much more easier.
Also helps me fill up some space when I have nothing to say.
I don't even know why I'm writing. I think I'd better stop now.

Children's comics and books are so much fun! Truth be told, I don't remember reading any classic children's books as a kid. Oh, I do remember reading a Russian Children's magazine as a kid. It was beautiful and had the most wonderful illustrations. It must have been Misha. I remember my brother borrowing a magazine for me to read when I was sick, and it was Misha. I had found my joy. Good times.

I remember crawling around in diapers, looking at my brother reading a comic book full of bikini babes and bare chested guys on the beach. And I thought to myself, "I want to grow up and be able to read those speech bubbles and know what these pretty people are saying". I grew up, learnt to read and picked up that Archies comic and it was bliss.

I have never (gasp!) read a Dr. Seuss book. I should get some for my nephews and nieces.

There are so many more great books, some of them have escaped my memory and I am feeling too lazy to list them.

This is going to surprise you!
Oh, and I loved this. Made me happy all over and reminded me of my best friend from school.

P.S: I promised to stop somewhere in the middle of my post. But I sort of wandered off. Here's something to make you happy.

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