Friday, August 23, 2013

Reams of Rhymes

On News (and why I'm not worldly wise)
News, why are you so dark and cryptic?
Always quoting statistics of death and people sick
All I ask for is an unbiased report, not death and fear
So I could peruse you, and worldly wise I would appear

On Single kids (the ones with no siblings, not those without a boyfriend/ girlfriend)
Single kids, mysteries to me they are
How do they live, without being at war
With siblings, one or even two
Even shows of affection out of the blue
And indulging in food fights too.

My Mind, the Empty Petrol Tank
My mind, the seat of cognition, 'tis blank
Dark, Cold and Empty, like a petrol tank.
I twist and turn for a spark in my head, 
A howling wind I hear instead.

Lizards are weird and awesome 
Lizards, those creepy crawlies
Why do they give me the heebie jeebies?
They're just mini-snakes with legs
Whom I could befriend, after downing a few pegs.

I think that something's just not fine
I've run out of stuff that rhyme
You may have to wait till tomorrow
While I search for a rhyme I could borrow.

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