Sunday, August 4, 2013

This was not what I intended to write

Today, I'm going to gush about Bear Grylls. Today, I woke up hungry. I had also dreamed of insects. And I began to wonder how would insects taste like. Oh, that reminds me of this:

Oh, and I had seen chocolate covered insects. Here's the place to buy them if you ever feel the urge to munch on chocolate ensconced creepy crawlies. (You'd think they'd include a barf bag. They do not) Do you know what I'd like covered with chocolate? Chocolate. Like chocolate puff pastry. Where the layers of chocolate are slightly separated from each other like the layers of a puff pastry. Then I can dig into it and peel out the layers of chocolate and get my fingers gooey and chocolaty. Messy eating is the best way to eat. Where you can touch your food, caress it, savor it's smell and make love to it in your mouth.

Oh, and Andrew Zimmern. I admire this man. I am a very picky eater. And you know how you feel this sense of admiration for people who are at the opposite end of the spectrum. He can eat anything. And I love the fact that he appreciates different cultures for their unique food. And he's a chef!

I know I was planning to do some Bear Grylls gushing. Some other time, shall we, Bear? Right now, I'm thinking of Andrew Zimmern and sighing a little.

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